HSS Planer Blades/ Knives 210mm for GÜDE GADH 204 TYPE 1, 210x22x1,8mm, 2 pc

26.90 incl.VAT

HSS Planer Blades 210mm suitable for GÜDE GADH 204 TYPE 1, 210x22x1,8mm. 2 blades/ pack. Made from durable HSS High-speed steel (Rockwell hardness 63+HRC). Blades are resharpenable. For more information, see below

Before ordering please check the product photos and your old planer blades! There are 2 types of GÜDE GADH 204 planers. One planer requires the 210x22x1,8mm planer blades with 6 holes (4 round, 2 rectangular), the other planer requires 210×16,5×1,5mm planer blades with 2 holes.

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