Conditions of Sale

Appendix 1: Selling to the Companies registered in the European Union, except Estonia, (see the article 16)

Appendix 2: Selling to the Customers outside of the European Union (see the article 17)

Appendix 3: Selling inside of Estonia (see the article 18)

1. General Terms

1.1. The E-Shop belongs to the Company Helliston Nord OÜ:

Helliston Nord OÜ
Peetri 1B
80029 Pärnu, Estonia

Reg.No.: 14984655
VAT No.: EE102262937

1.2. The Terms & Conditions of Sale regulate the contractual relationships between the Company Helliston Nord OÜ and the Customer (End-user & Company) who are placing an order in our E-Shop.
1.3. Information about the products being sold in our E-Shop, their prices and shipping costs are provided directly next to the products.
1.4. By marking the check box „I have read the Terms & Conditions“  you are going to accept the The Terms & Conditions of Sale, placed order, products and their prices.
1.5. The contract enters into the force only if the full value of the product is transferred to the bank account of the online store.

2. Communication Languages

2.1. We speak the following languages:

2.1.1. English
2.1.2. German
2.1.3. Finnish
2.1.4. Estonian

3. Placing the Order

3.1. You can place an order either through our online shop or e-mail.
3.2. For ordering through the online shop, add the desired products to your shopping cart.
3.3. Fill all the required fields, choose the most suitable shipping and payment method. Finally click on the box „Place an order“.
3.4. After placing the order you will receive automatically an e-mail with an overview of your order, receipt and details of the bank account to which we ask you to make the payment within 3 days.
3.5. By choosing to make the payment through other payment methods (such as Paysera, Banklinks, Paypal etc.) our online store will directly guide you to their webpages in order to close the transaction.
3.6. Generally we will confirm your order within 24 h after receiving the payment by sending you an e-mail with an attached invoice.

4. Prices

4.1. The prices in our e-shop contain VAT (20%).
4.2. We can change our prices in our online shop at any time.

5. Payment & Payment Methods

5.1. Generally for the new customers the payment in advance will be considered as a basic form of payment.
5.2. You can pay for your order by using the following payment methods:

5.2.1. Payment in advance with Bank Transfer (BACS/ SEPA).
5.2.2. Payment in advance with PayPal.
5.2.3. Payment in advance with Credit Card (through Paysera or PayPal).
5.2.4. Payment in advance with Paysera (supports the local payment methods of EU countries).
5.2.5. Payment on account only for regular customers.
5.2.6. Cash Paypent in situ.

6. Fulfilling an order

6.1. Generally we will fulfill your order within 24 h from Mo to Fr after receiving the payment.
6.2. If the fulfillment of the order delays for some reason we will send you an e-mail.
6.3. If the fulfillment of the order ought to delay more than 3 days and we have not arranged otherwise, you have the right to cancel the order.
6.4. We will refund the already payed amount within 3 days.

7. Shipping Methods & Terms

7.1. The shipping methods & terms depend on the prices, value and weight of the products.
7.2. Generally we are dispatching the order as a:

7.2.1. Letter
7.2.2. MaxiLetter (Heavy Letter)
7.2.3. Small Package
7.2.4. Package

7.3. Depending on the article 7.1 we can ship the products with or without the tracking number.
7.4. Generally we use the following transport services:

7.4.1. Omniva (
7.4.2. Itella (
7.4.3. DPD
7.4.4. DHL

8. Shipping Costs

8.1. Small Package to the European Union and Europe = free shipping applies
8.2. Small Package to the Outside of Europe (Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand etc.) = 5,99 € (excl. VAT)
8.3. DPD & ParcelConnect = exact prices will be calculated at the checkout, since it depends on various factors (i.e. land, weight, base price etc). For more information see please

9. Free Shipping

9.1. The European Union and Europe = free shipping
9.2. Outside of Europe (Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand etc.) = from 89 € (excl. VAT)
9.3. DPD Baltics = Latvia from 69 € (incl.VAT), Lithuania from 79 € (incl.VAT)
9.4. Itella Smartpost & DPD Finland, Sweden = from 150 € (incl.VAT)
9.5. DPD Europe or ParcelConnect = from 190 € (incl. VAT)
9.6. Free shipping does not apply to the express delivery.

10. Shipping Time
Shipping time of the ordered items depends on the transport service providers, on the address and the location of the customer.
10.2. Generally the shipment should arrive in the European Union & Europe within 3 to 7 days.
10.3. To the countries outside of Europe it takes approximately 7-14 days for the shipment to arrive.
10.4. With Express delivery it takes about 2-6 days for the shipment to arrive.

11. Receiving the ordered goods and inspecting them
11.1. After receiving the ordered goods, customer has to inspect them in order to detect any possible damages on the goods. In case of any damage, customer has to contact us as soon as possible.

12. Return and Refund

12.1. After receiving an order you have the right to withdraw from the contract entered into with the online shop within 30 days.
12.2. For using the right to return, the items have to be handled in the very same manner like in a normal shop on the spot.
12.3. The customer is responsible for any loss of value of the product if it comes directly from the usage or mishandling of the product.
12.4. If the products have been used or mishandled in a way that the products have lost their value, we have a right to refund the product only partly or even refuse to the refund.
12.5. In order to return the items you can contact us via email ( and inform us that you would like to return the items (or if partly then what kind of items), or you can fill in a Return Form (
12.6. We refund your order to the same bank account that was used to pay for the items within 14 days after receiving the e-mail with the request of returning the ordered goods (or part of the goods).
12.7. The refunding could be lengthened if we have not received the products or we have not received the proof about returning the products.
12.8. Unless otherwise agreed, the returning cost will be payed by the customer. Under the following conditions, the shipping costs will be payed by us: 1) the items do not correspond to the order; 2) faulty items received; 3) incomplete order received; 4) false product information at the e-shop.
12.9. The items could be returned by the transport company preferred by the customer.

13. Processing the Personal Data

13.1. We confirm that the personal data (incl. the name, address, telephone number, e-mail, bank details etc.) entered by the customer will be only used for the execution of an order and for dispatching the ordered items to the customer.
13.2. The personal data entered by the customer will not be delivered to third parties, except to the companies responsible for delivering the order to the customer and a company responsible for the accounting services.
13.3. For more information please read our Privacy Policy

14. Protection of Personal Data & SSL-Encryption

14.1. We take the protection of the personal data seriously.
14.2. Our website is SSL-encrypted – i.e the personal data entered by the customer will be encrypted, in order to prevent it from being accessible to the third parties.
14.3. The green padlock in front of the current web address is an evidence of the encryption of the webpage.

15. Settlement of Disputes

15.1. All complaints made by customer about the online store must be e-mailed to .
15.2. If the customer and the online shop are not able to settle the dispute by agreement, the customer may contact the Consumer Dispute Committee:

The Consumer Dispute Committee is competent to resolve disputes arising from a contract between a purchaser and the online store. Resolution of disputes by the Consumer Dispute Committee is free of charge for the customer.

15.3. Also the European Union provides a platform for online disputes. You can find it here:

16. Appendix 1: Selling to the Companies registered in the EU (except Estonia)

16.1. According to the EU directive 2006/112/ article 196 the companies inside of the EU who have the valid VAT-ID No. (Value Added Tax Identification Number) at their disposal could order the goods from other EU Member States without paying the VAT.
16.2. You can enter the VAT-ID No. directly at the check out and it will be controlled automatically by our online shop using the European Union system VIES (VAT Information Exchange System:
16.3. If VIES confirms the validity of the VAT ID No. the system will automatically deduct the VAT from the purchased goods. It will be shown directly at the Checkout (under the YOUR ORDER) and at the invoice will be sent automatically to your e-mail.
16.4. Please note that our system does a double check. It does control the VAT ID No. and simultaneously the location from where the order is being made. If the VAT ID No. and the country where the order is being made do not match, the system does not exempt the VAT from the price.

17. Appendix 2: Selling to Customers outside of EU

17.1. We sell our goods also to the customers outside of the European Union (i.e. Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand etc.)
17.2. All the customers (end-users & companies) who are placing an order outside of the EU are exempt from paying the VAT.
17.3. The system of our online shop will deduct the VAT automatically from the purchased goods and from the shipping costs if you are placing an order from outside of EU.
17.4. If the system does not deduct the VAT from the prices, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail.

18. Appendix 3: Selling inside of Estonia

18.1. Orders made inside of Estonia will be shipped as a MaxiLetter or as a package to Omiva, Itella SmartPost or DPD parcel terminals.
18.2. The shipping costs depend on the weight and the size of the package.
18.3. Transport to the parcel terminals= from 2.99 € (incl. VAT). The exact price will be given at the Check Out by choosing the favored service provider.
18.4. Itella Courier = from 4.80 € (incl.VAT)
18.4. Free shipping inside of Estonia = from 49 € (incl. VAT)
18.5. There is also a possibility to pick up the order at our workshop in Pärnu.